BEECS Membership

Membership with BEECS


Registration for our annual scientific meeting also ensures membership of the society for one year for all healthcare practitioners operating in the realms of the NHS. Those practitioners working outside the NHS but who deliver eye care, such as community optometrists, are extremely welcome at the meeting. Due to the principles in our constitution, however, they will not qualify as members.

Committee and Executive members are either nominated and elected at the annual general meeting, or accepted after application (see Constitution for more details of this process). For more details of upcoming positions, please either Contact us and regularly return to the website.

Google Group

We welcome you to join us in our Google Group, a forum for discussing emergency eye care.

Emergency Eye Care Promotion

We rely on our members to enthusiastically promote emergency eye care, and our other aims/ideas, to other healthcare professionals and the general public. More information will become available on this website, but we will look forward to seeing you at our annual meeting. We will be attending meetings such as the Royal College of Ophthalmologists Annual Congress, and handing out flyers.

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